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        HOME > ABOUT > Corporate Culture
        Corporate Culture
        Corporate mission:

        Innovating and constant prompting ourselves through the excellent human resource management system, advanced manufacture equipments and perfect after-sales service to provide higher quality products and  service to our clients and contribute to the development of national chemical industries!

        Corporate Philosophy:

        Building the first-class team and providing excellent products and service based our ambitious development goals!Designing the equipment based on client`s requirements, controlling the quality based on client`s expected!

        Enterprise Spirit:

        human-oriented and exploration & innovation!


        Sales Dept. TEl: +86(0)631 5782500

        Sales Dept. Fax: +86(0)631 5757767

        Mobile: +86 15634365312 (Wechat)

        What's up: +8615634365312?

        E-mail: shirleywong@chemdevice.com

        Skype: 15866894110@163.com

        Add: N0.9, Dongxin Road, Zhangcun Town, Huancui Dist., Weihai City, Shandong

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